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Piper Nathaniel Roberts

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Piper Nathan Roberts Chillin
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  Nathan is a Highland Bagpipe musician based in Victoria, British Columbia.  He has a wealth of experience in providing that extra something to enhance your special event and make it all the more memorable for you and your guests.

  A well-tuned, properly attired piper at your event will add an unforgettable element to your overall plans.  Pipers have been entertaining at weddings, banquets and parties for centuries.  Your guests will be surprised and delighted when they hear the haunting, melodic and beautiful tones of a well played instrument.  Pipes can set the tone whether you need a strident set of marches, some toe-tapping jigs & reels, or more contemplative slow airs and pastoral pieces. 

   It's so easy to incorporate a piper into your existing plans.   
Nathan's performances are totally flexible and are custom-tailored 
to fit right into your schedule...

                                           ~ flexible performances
~ no amplification required
~ there is zero setting-up time 
~ dancers & Celtic musicians available
~ perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings
~sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy, pipes are all-weather ready!

  Plan your event down to the tiniest detail or simply leave those musical decisions to Nathan -it's your call.  Are you planning to surprise someone or will it be all pre-arranged?  He has the experience to cater to your unique requests.   Is this a last-minute emergency?  -No problem. Nathan and his colleagues are standing by!   You don't need to have Scottish or Irish affiliation to enjoy pipe music at your event.  Good music is universal.  Indeed, bagpipes are often heard at multi-ethnic celebrations to the enjoyment of all.

So whether you're planning a wedding, reception, party, wake, celebration of life, or a corporate event; a seasoned and experienced piper like Nathan 
will make your special occasion complete! 

Your special day will be talked 
about and remembered 
 for years!
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Nathan Roberts in Great Kilt
Nathan Roberts leads Victoria Highlanders FC Supporters
Victoria Highlanders Logo
In summer Nathan often rouses fans and athletes of the Victoria Highlanders FC. Come on out to support great local team at Royal Athletic Park!
Nathan in black double-breasted full dress doublet, Rob Roy hose tops, diced glen, horse hair sporran, and Hunting Buchanan féileadh mòr  (Great Kilt).